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Be All That You Came Here To Be
There is no better time than now.
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Starfeather is a healer, ceremonialist, spiritual counselor and channel, visionary artist and writer. She considers all of these to be aspects of the same journey, that of service to Mother Earth and All Our Relations.
Starfeather has been described as an "Illuminator", one who brings The Light. Her life’s passion is to assist in the vibrational upliftment of the Earth, bringing healing and expansion to all. Starfeather is well regarded in her community as a spiritual counselor and is a nationally known Sacred Circle retreat facilitator.
Starfeather is a Level IV Reconnective Healing™ Practitioner. She has been personally trained by founder Dr. Eric Pearl in the facilitation of these extraordinary healing frequencies. As Level IV graduate, she assists in teaching at Dr. Pearl’s seminars worldwide and is a mentor to other practitioners. She enjoys speaking publicly about The Reconnection™ and its expansive impact. Starfeather maintains a private healing practice in her home in Edmonds, just north of Seattle.
Starfeather has completed certification as a Sound Healer with Tom Kenyon. Call her for more information about her healing gifts, assisting your shift to an expanded state of consciousness.
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What, I asked myself, can I possibly do that will make a difference, to make this a better world for myself, and for The Earth, and All Our Relations?
The answer came: “You are part of the Global Upliftment Project. Do your best to:
  • To be Centered and stay in Balance
  • Emanate Clarity: Clear mind, clear emotions, clear eyes, clear action.
  • Be clean and clear of toxins: A Good Health Program and a clean, supportive living environment.
  • Be Vibrant and Alive, also means rested and relaxed.
  • Live in Open Heartedness, pure and simple without complication, drama, or attachment.
  • No addictions, which interrupt the current of life giving LIGHT.
  • Connect to Nature in the flow of natural life, honoring the Earth and Her Cycles.”
And so with this intention, I shall do my part to elevate The Collective Consciousness. That really is the bottom line for me and my work, and is reflected in everything that I do and how I choose to live
Blessings -- Starfeather
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“It is an act of spiritual mastery to choose a life that is joyful, even in the midst of great difficulty. In the end it is your vibration that shall determine where you will go and what will happen.”
The Hathors - Tom Kenyon
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Verbal & Energetic Transmission of Love, Light and Information
Reconnective Healing™ Practitioner and Initiator of The Reconnection™
Private Sessions by Appointment
For an appointment please call (425) 670-3778
or send email to
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