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Imagine Thatimage of paper & pen
By Starfeather
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Imagine that … a world these young people want to inherit.
Imagine them filled with great anticipation for the opportunity to contribute,
Knowing that their schooling is helping to pave the way.
Imagine that it isn’t about competition.
But about being the best you can be and cheering each other on.
Imagine that … a world these young people love and want to be a part of.
A world that nourishes every living thing upon it and the nourished nourish the ground they stand upon. Naturally.
Imagine a world where for each little baby there are more than enough hands to hold and hearts to help in the caring for each precious life.
Imagine the rivers that flow are filled with pure, clear, healing water and that each sip is revered. The young people have learned to control their minds and have excitedly invested their thoughts to intend pure water.
“Teenagers Unite to Heal the Waters of the Earth.” See the headlines now.
Imagine a world where fear is gone and the youth dance in the streets in celebration of the fun that Life is. The joy expressed openly, presently, consciously, unhurtingly.
These young people … imagine them radiant with hope. Unwilling to be less than their highest potential and knowing that life supports their growth and unfoldment.
Imagine that … a generation of elders remembering that they have a responsibly that is far more important that attaining any thing, going any place, taking any workshop, saving any thing and that is a responsibility to the youth.
Imagine a world where these young people know that we know.
How great they are.
Imagine that.
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