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By Starfeather
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We are each like a light bulb. In fact every living thing on the Earth has a light, including stones, plants, trees, animals, water, air, earth and fire. All are alive with light.
Let us say that the humans have a 500 watt light bulb. When they are clear and free of emotional baggage, drugs, alcohol, etc. they can shine at the full wattage of 500. When a person has drugs in their system they may shine at say 300 or less. Some people illuminate at 2 watts and are barely participating in life, and others are moving up the wattage level almost daily. It is not a stagnant thing. Full wattage can not be ‘earned’ and then remain the same … it takes constant tending, because of course, nothing stays the same.
What is happening now is that humans are being ‘fitted’ for a thousand watt bulb, you might say. Some have this already. Soon this new amped up power will be able to be accessed by everyone. You and I and Joe Shmo down the street. New juice to power this expanded system is available NOW. All we have to do is be clear and amped up to 500, and the shift will take place naturally. One person at a time. Meditation is essential. When we meet in groups that work together for upliftment, we can assist each other to maintain the elevated frequency to gain access into the new upgraded system.
More that anything else that one individual can do to assist in creating positive change on Earth, bringing in this Light is IT. With it comes an elated sense of Joy, Love, Calmness, Beauty, Conscious Living and ONENESS EXPERIENCE.
We are in a four year cycle which is our express train ride to higher consciousness. In other words an opportunity to live blissfully and peacefully, in a state of connectedness. We don’t have to get on this train to continue to live on Earth. We can stay on drugs and enjoy the 300 watt experience, if that is what we choose. What we are being given RIGHT NOW is the opportunity to see that there is a choice. No one can make this choice for another. No choice is wrong or right. All options are open.
   The Council of ADRON
   March 24, 2008
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