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A Shimmering Path session may include:
=> Guided Meditation - Created for you, a journey for to the “Sacred Earth Healing Temple of Light”. Meet your guides, and great healers of the past and future.
=> River of Light Energy Healing - Experience a high frequency of light which flows from the Source of All Love.
=> Time Travel - Time becomes a path of light which takes us to relevant memories and future clarity to be cleared, healed, reclaimed for your greatest good.
=> Spiritual Guidance - a channeled council and dialogue.
=> Spiritual Renewal Ceremony - includes chanting and drumming.
=> Crystal Healing Bowl and the Language of Light Blessing
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Sessions are co-creative and one hour in length
$75 per session
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Also Available:
Sacred Art - Energy Drawing and Reading
Enjoy a new perspective of yourself ... your Light Body drawing and a written message in response to questions you bring to the session. Created for you in a 2-hour session. $190. (Optional Drawing Enhancement - $50 per hour)
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Starfeather offers her work by appointment in a beautiful private setting
at The Lodge Sanctuary in Edmonds, WA.
(see directions to the Lodge)

For an appointment, please call (425) 670-3778
or email
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The Shimmering Path Transformative Healing Arts is an integration of Starfeather's skills and training. Starfeather is an initiated wise woman with highly developed intuitive skills and a strong connection with her Spiritual Guidance, a conduit of healing light and information.
The primary intention of a session with Starfeather is to be uplifted and strengthened in dedication to your highest path ... so that you may become your fullest, most radiant potential. The pathway to that goal varies from session to session depending on the needs and choices of each client and guidance from a co-created "healing team".
Starfeather has sought training with masters of our time. Over the years she has worked with many teachers and healers, and has great gratitude for their sharing. This includes training with Dr. Eric Pearl as Practitioner of Reconnective Healing and The Reconnection. She has also received certification in Sound Healing with Tom Kenyon, and has trained with Dr. Richard Bartlett in Matrix Energetics.
Starfeather has reached a high level of mastery in her own right. Her experience also includes over ten years of Sacred Art - Energy Drawings, a unique channeled art form which she created. Her work of nearly twenty years continues as a teacher and guide of Sacred Circles. She is the creator and facilitator of The Medicine Shield Retreat held semi-annually at LaPush, WA.
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