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image of a featherA Feather on the Path of Light
By Starfeather
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This is a magical universe.
Where small miraculous encounters,
Like a feather on the Path,
Are doorways of communication
To a world unseen, unknown.
Multi-dimensional, benevolent guidance
Calls us forth to say,
Come, Dear One, this way, this way …
The beckoning of the Ancestors,
The spirit wind of nature,
Or whispers of the other ones
With whom we share this earth.
They speak to us,
Should we but pause to listen.
Offering connection to an expansive world.
Where magic happens
Coincidences occur and the way is lit by
A shimmering light.
A feather on the path.
As children, we played in make believe.
So, let’s pretend again, my friend.
Knowing full well,
Reality and fantasy often overlap.
And who’s to say
Which is which?
Whether it’s a heart shaped rock,
A turtle’s stare or a twist in the wind that lifts your hair.
Who’s to say …
Is it a Feather on The Path of Light,
Or just a feather
Lying there?
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