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imageGratitude Prayer
By Starfeather
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Giving thanks for you; this is my prayer of gratitude today.
I experience you as part of a great guidance team
That is leading the way to Wholeness.
The Path is shimmering with Light, thanks to your vibrational emanation
Which is so positive, up-lifting and full of beauty.
I am delighted to be traveling with you.
I know that we are expanding in Love … more and more every day.
I know this, because I see it in you.
I give thanks for your courage and for your curiosity;
For your steadfastness to The Path.
I’m grateful for your unique expression in this world,
For your willingness to stand out in the crowd, to speak your truth.
And for the way you engage with others in a manner
That speaks of compassion and kindness.
I learn from you.
I give thanks for your joy and your enthusiasm for goodness.
When I think of you, I smile.
I give thanks for all the fun we have together, and apart.
Have you noticed?
We have moved a mountain of out-dated, unhelpful beliefs;
One grain of thought at a time.
I so appreciate The Shift that is taking place
Inwardly and outwardly.
I give thanks for all you have been willing (driven) to create;
Finding new ways to make your life a dance
More fully, more gracefully, more easily.
Involved with Life, yes! We surely are participants in our own evolution.
I give thanks for your generous spirit. Your graciousness.
May your every day be filled with this remembrance:
That you are loved, cherished, and respected.
You are appreciated.
Today, I lift my hands to you in gratitude.
I’m honored to be with you at this time on Earth.
Co-creating our experience, an adventurous ride on Spaceship Earth.
Warp speed to Oneness!
My heart is full to overflowing …
Loving you, Starfeather
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