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The Reconnection™
A jump in your evolutionary process!
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This 2-part process is done once in a lifetime.  It is an activation and connection to the Love of the Universe.  When it is done, it is done, and stays done.  It is a gift given to you that will never go away.  The light grid of your energy system is connected to the Universal grid of Light.  Your life will be forever changed as your consciousness expands and shifts.  This is truly being turned on and tuned in.  This raising  of your vibration will jump your evolutionary process!
Starfeather has been involved in this work since June 2002. She finds it to be truly amazing, beautiful and life changing.
Starfeather is a Level IV graduate of Dr. Eric Pearl's healing seminars and is part of the team of Teaching Assistants who are working with Dr. Pearl to offer Reconnective Healing™ seminars worldwide. She is certified to be a mentor for practitioners for counseling and review of Reconnective Healing™ and The Reconnection™.
For more information, please read What is The Reconnection?
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~~~ Fee Schedule ~~~
 > The Reconnection™ - $ 333.00
(Two one hour sessions)
>Practitioner Mentoring - $ 36.00 per hour
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Please also view the page about Reconnective Healing
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For an appointment with Starfeather please call (425) 670-3778
or send email to
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