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Reconnective Healing™
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Reconnective Healing™ is expansive HEALING energy, offered through the practitioner, from The Source to your higher self, and then allowed to unfold, in a few minutes to 6 months. This new vibration will bring a shift on all levels: body, mind and spirit.
Unlike other forms of energy work, Reconnective Healing™ is not a treatment one does over and over again to maintain balance, or “peel the onion” of symptoms.  It is healing by reconnecting the grid system of light/energy of the body and the DNA. It is suggested doing three sessions in a short time frame, in the same week if possible, and then that is it!  You have been given the gift.  Watch symptoms fall away and joy be restored! 
Starfeather is a Level IV graduate of Dr. Eric Pearl's healing seminars and is part of the team of Teaching Assistants who are working with Dr. Pearl to offer Reconnective Healing™ seminars worldwide. She is certified to be a mentor for practitioners for counseling and review of Reconnective Healing™ and The Reconnection™.
For more information, please read What is Reconnective Healing?
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~~~ Fee Schedule ~~~
                                       >Adults - $ 75.00 per session
                                       >Children & Teenagers - $ 63.00 per session
                                       >Pets -  negotiable
                                       >Long Distance Healing - $ 45.00 per session
Healing sessions are approximately 1 hour each
(Three sessions recommended)
                                       >Practitioner Mentoring - $ 36.00 per hour
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Please also view the page about The Reconnection
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For an appointment with Starfeather please call (425) 670-3778
or send email to
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