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Where's Our Edmondsimage of paper & pen
By Starfeather
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Imagine what it was like, just one hundred years ago… new little town recently incorporated. Buzzing to the sound of the saws, trees coming down everywhere. Progress. The people said, "What's happening to this place? It used to be a beautiful forest, now look. It's mud and buildings going up everywhere. Freight train rumbling down the quiet waterfront. This change is ruining the land. This steamroller they call development seems to have no heart."
The changes wouldn't stop and some people had to leave. Others came and didn't know what was before. They liked the streets named after the trees that used to grow there. They built the town, the schools, the stores. Edmonds. As the town grew, it took on a kind of style, holding on to that small town look and feel. Didn't like being called a city, resisted. The land seemed to heal from the loss of the trees.
In the '60's another wave of development moved through. Again some people just couldn't stand it and had to leave. What is happening to this town? More trees gone. Sirens, streetlights, shopping malls. Yet almost despite itself, downtown Edmonds developed a kind of character that attracted more people who liked what we call 'quaint'. "It's an Edmonds kind of day."
Now, here we are again. Looks like that steamroller, progress, is coming once more. It's very hungry and not to be denied in a kind of pressing way. The character of this small town is at risk. 'Quaint' is being turned into slick yuppie. Progress. Who wants it? "Where is the heart of Edmonds going to live now?" we ask.
We may not be able to stop the tree cutters, road builders, and construction gone out of control. New people are coming and don't know what was before. They like what they see, the newness of it, but they come searching for the heart.
We ... you and I, can keep the heart of Edmonds alive. By being friendly, courteous, patient with one another, you and I can hold on to what we know is valuable here. What really feeds us, and why we stay.
I invite you, as you walk down this street, to say 'hello'. Look at each other and smile. Connect. We really are all one family, living in the Bowl. This is paradise, at least one version. How fortunate we are to be here, to be the ones walking down these streets. Say hello to the shopkeeper. Give a nod to the postman. What makes this a small town with a heart? We do. Yuppie or not. And no developer can take that away.
Don't like what you see happening? Go to the mayor, go to a meeting, write a letter to the historic commission. This is important. But most of all, take a deep breath of this beautiful fresh salty air and share the peace and joy with your neighbor. Plant a tree. Give a smile.
Imagine Edmonds … ten years from now … changed, yes. More condos, more people, more trees, and friendly as all get out. You and I can make that happen
It is an honor to walk the streets of Edmonds with you. Have a great day.
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