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imageA Flutter of Light
A Reconnective Healing™ Story By Starfeather
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'Shimmering' is the best descriptor for Bethany Beach on this bright day. There is something about the light of the Eastern Shore that attracts not only vacationers, but also artists and visionaries to its open expansiveness. Even the beach of white sand has bits of mica in it that catch the light, reflecting the sun on clear blue sky days. Bethany Beach stretches out for unobstructed miles along the coast of Delaware. This year an intense hurricane had edged by just a couple weeks before I arrived, leaving everything feeling energetically swept clean. Now the weather was unseasonably warm and sparking, providing an ideal setting for our retreat. I was looking forward to opportunities to offer Reconnective Healing™, which works with a high frequency of light for healing. It is peaceful and expansive.
I was a visitor, coming to this land for peace and quiet - to write, to draw and to meet with a small group of women for healing. The house we rented for our retreat sits up high on tall stilts and is literally right on the beach, so that high tide rolls in right under the living room! Sometimes the whole house gently sways back and forth, giving us the sense of being rocked in The Great Mother's arms. Upstairs, my room faces East with sliding glass doors that open to a small balcony, offering a spectacular view of the Atlantic Ocean, the rising sun, migrating birds, and a large pod of dolphins who are well known to the locals. I watched at least 40 dolphins heading south for winter I thought, until they came leaping back later in the day. There is something deeply reassuring about observing animals like these living and playing in their natural habitat, so close to shore.
We set up a massage table parallel to the end of the bed in this room for Reconnective Healing™ sessions. Both my sister Carol and I are Practitioners of this energy work and were offering sessions during our women's retreat. Carol asked me to observe her doing The Reconnection™, which is a process of drawing precise lines and points with channeled golden light. It is a beautiful and powerful activation that we both learned in seminars taught by Dr. Eric Pearl. Since we had last met, I had furthered training and she invited me to check her practice from my new mentoring perspective. My Level IV training has helped hone my observation skills of The Reconnection™.
I sat at the head of the bed, plumped up pillows behind my back and a cup of tea in my hand. I had a notepad ready to jot down any suggestions or corrections I might notice. Nancy, the woman to receive the session, joined us. After Carol welcomed her and reviewed the overall process, Nancy lay down on the massage table smiling in excited anticipation. Carol began, placing her hands at the temples, about 4 inches from Nancy's head. The energy began to flow. A palatable shift occurred in the room, from playful excitement to a sense of sacredness. We had left the glass door open to take full advantage of the natural "white noise" of the ocean's continuous roar. Otherwise, our room was silent.
I expected that there would be few notes of corrections, as I watched Carol move through the practice of The Reconnection™ with grace and attention. I could see that she was connected to the energy and her knowledge of the patterns was obvious by the ease with which she moved. The light in the room seemed to amplify as she focused on her client.
Suddenly the room became alive with a very different energy, fast and fluttering. A panicked bird had come careening into our space. Frantically circling and circling, it must have been trying to understand how these barriers of white walls had emerged at every turn instead of open sky. Carol and I exchanged wide-eyed glances; both of us wondering how to help this little creature find the doorway again. Carol held her hands in place, maintaining the integrity of the session and her client remained peaceful and seemed undisturbed.
I, on the other hand, ran around the confines of the small room, trying to be very quiet, waving my arms in an attempt to shoo the bird towards the balcony. The large mirror above the dresser on the wall opposite the open door caused the ultimate confusion for the little creature and it whacked hard against the glass. It fell silent onto the dresser scarf. Now the room seemed deeply quiet, as if even the ocean was holding its breath.
I approached the stunned bird slowly, then cupped my hands on either side of its little body. Its neck didn't appear to be was broken, but it didn't move. Carefully bringing my hands together, I picked it up. My hands were held together like a prayer with a little bird inside. It fit perfectly there, and I was amazed how it didn't weigh anything. If it weren't for the softness of the feathers, I wouldn't have known I held anything. I carried this little package outside to the balcony railing. Gently setting it down, I slowly pulled my hands apart. I gratefully watched it breathing hard, then it stood up on its own little feet.
I felt a nudge by Spirit and an inner voice said, "So, give it some energy!" "Oh, yeah!" I thought, as I suddenly realized that my hands were still cupped slightly away from its body, in the perfect position for Reconnective Healing™. With the thought came the energy, amazingly, as it always does. The bird responded immediately fluffing itself up, and shaking a bit. Then the most astounding thing happened: it hopped around to face me and moved CLOSER to my right hand! It's little eyes looked right into mine. It blinked, looked around, jumped around and then looked back at me. It was so cute and endearing that I couldn't help but smile in response. Again, it hopped around in a circle then looked at me again, blinking and staring right at me, tilting its head to one side. This time it moved right against my hand, its soft feathers dusting my palm! That precious act of touch made the truth of this loving exchange more real.
I love birds, and have had many a "bird experience", but I never felt such an energy connection with one as I did in those few minutes. Its dark tiny eyes felt full of love, looking at me, trusting me. And it stayed, obviously receiving the healing energy that I was sharing, also from love. I watched it intently, as it watched me. It was a beautiful bird with dark green feathers on its body, and on the top of its head it had the most amazing oval of little bright yellow feathers with a spot of orange in the middle. This was no sea bird. Where had it come from? I'd never seen one like it and I studied it carefully hoping that I would be able to identify it later.
It stayed with me for only a few minutes, and then suddenly it flew away. It was gone in a flash, but I knew my heart had been expanded in some wordless way. When I returned inside, my sister gave me a warm smile. She had been witness to my healing event, though I had not seen much of hers! Carol's client had her own story to tell of a presence in the room, but hers was quite different from a frantic little bird. She said she felt energy flutter along her arm, touching her with such a feeling of happiness that she had almost laughed out loud.
Now back home, 3000 miles away, that brief moment of total trust from the tiny winged one still warms my heart. Its response, and the sense of the universal love that was shared, has rekindled a childlike innocence in me. I believe the truth is that we can create a world where unconditional love flows between us, not unconditional fear. That bird, a wild and vulnerable creature, was not afraid of me. In fact, it had moved closer to me! Not to get food, as we often offer animals in hopes for a connection… it moved closer because of the energy. It didn't know I was giving it "a session", it trusted what it felt. And I received the joyful spirit it radiated, as well.
I appreciate Dr. Pearl's impassioned dedication to teach and share this expansive energy because it is The Truth, from God/Creator/Source. In this instance, Reconnective Healing™ facilitated a loving nonverbal communication and healing between species. The gift of the experience for me is in the knowing that I can actively participate in dispelling the old story of separation and fear. Perhaps that little bird went home to tell its friends of the women who offered it love and help until it could find its bearings and fly again.
I found out that that sweet little winged friend is called a Golden Crowned Kinglet, 'who rarely shows his crown', according to the bird book. How perfect! I am so grateful to have had my life touched by a Golden Crowned Kinglet!
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