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image of heartGratitude Beyond Measure
By Starfeather
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Abundance is experienced in many ways. It is about having more of what I need than what I need. When given the opportunity to fill my well, I don’t hold back because of questions about there being enough to go around. There is more than enough. I am full with gratitude.
I become the creative filler of my own needs and desires. I don’t short change myself, for as I am filled to overflowing, my ‘joy quotient’ supports the abundant energy of The Field. I understand that everyone wins.
I Imagine the ‘ocean of abundance’ and go into it with an open heart and a sparkling bucket! When I have accepted all I can hold, I find ways to receive even more. It is like the breath, really. As I Breathe in deeply and then take in a little more, then even more. I become full, then fuller. There is more than enough air. If I hold it all inside, however, I get uncomfortable, but my whole body naturally relaxes when I sigh as I exhale, and smile. I am full, and even my exhalation feeds the trees, as does my joy. There is more than enough.
I have a friend who goes into every store with a radiant friendly smile and a sweet hello for everyone. She is rested, relaxed and has an open heart. Do you think she gets great service? Yes. Do you think she finds what she is looking for? Yes, easily. And, you know what? She is even OFFERED additional discounts and escorted to a register that is opening, just for her! If she does wait in line, she is chatty and having fun, and listening to others for tidbits of information and guidance. She is over indulgent with her abundant joy. Everyone is grateful.
Affirmation: I am joyfully filling myself with all I need. I accept and enjoy my abundance; my friends are abundant and the more we receive the more we are supplied yet again.
I release my limitations around abundance and feed this system with the joy that naturally flows from my heart. I magnetize to me all I need to be filled to overflowing with ease and grace.
I am generous with myself, and all others. There is more than enough.
My gratitude is beyond measure.
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Inspired by Sharon Shepard & Ian Parkin
November 2005
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