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image of featherWings At My Feet
By Starfeather
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My connection with feathers began before I noticed. As a young adult, I spent many hours walking the beaches of Cape Cod picking them up, along with sticks and shells and stones. The gathering and walking were part of my emotional healing process. I had old spaghetti sauce jars full of feathers that I collected simply because I loved their beauty.
Slowly, I found my path to Spirit through meditation, yoga, beach walks, and a study of metaphysics. During one of my classes, we explored guided visualization as a way of receiving guidance. As I entered the meditation, I asked, “What is my life’s work?” I had hoped to get a couple of clear sentences written on a chalkboard in my mind, but instead I got a movie. I saw a starry night sky with four white feathers coming to the center. These sparkling feathers were tied together with a golden cord. It was a powerful image with rich symbolism and it affirmed my path as a spiritual artist.
I believe that the purpose of “making art” or the creative process is for healing and that the finished piece is a reminder of that process. I saw the white feathers of my vision as a sacred paintbrush. Opening a small studio/gallery called “Art & Soul,” I created a workshop called “Painting Inside Out,” encouraging people (including myself) to express and heal their innermost selves. We painted in a free-flowing intuitive way, often using images we received from guided meditations. Some of my paintings had a Native American theme, and feathers showed up often in my work. The eagle feather, for example, is a classic symbol of connection to Spirit, for it has touched the clouds and fallen to the earth.
There aren't any eagles on Cape Cod, though. All around me artists were painting seagulls, sand dunes, and quaint scenes of Cape Cod Bay. I cared less and less about the commercial aspects of art, and more and more about exploring this inner-art, meditation, automatic handwriting, and other psychic abilities. My focus was definitely changing. I began to wonder if I was doing the right thing, or was I losing touch with reality? 
One day in my confusion I decided to turn it over to Creator. I went for a beach walk and said, “Hey, look! Am I on the right path or not? I need a sign, something that I will know for certain, something that affirms my beliefs.” I walked further on, but saw or felt nothing that was in any way like a sign. On the edge of despair, I stopped again, and opened my arms to the sky. “This is IT for me,” I pleaded out loud. “Please show me that you hear me. . . that I am connecting. Or I must turn away from this path.” My heart was raw with anguish, and I saw nothing. I felt no response. 
Saddened, I looked down to take my first step to head back home. There at my feet were a pair of seagull wings, one by each foot. This was my sign: wings at my feet! Suddenly, I felt truly seen and affirmed, as if Spirit had indeed written a big YES on my spiritual chalkboard with those seagull feathers. This sign gave me courage to continue on my path, relying on the universe to support my life choices.
A couple of years after my vision of the four white feathers coming together on the starry sky, I met the man I was to marry. A week after we met, he called me “Starfeather” as a sweet nickname. The hairs on the back of my neck stood on end: I had not told him about the vision. When he called me Starfeather, it felt like he was speaking to my soul as the deliverer of my spiritual name.
The vision took on even more reality when a woman, whom I hardly knew, presented me with four sparkling white feathers. She said she was walking on an island path when she had a strong premonition that she was going to “find some feathers for Starfeather.” Moments later in the path were the four white feathers, which she brought back to me. I have made a special beaded fan with them, which I use in my healing work.
Over and over again, feathers have been important signs for me. They are a way of receiving affirmation and acknowledgment that Spirit is not a figment of my imagination. Feathers are a physical manifestation of the Spirit that connects us all. They help me remember that anything is possible. 
~ This is an excerpt from the book Sacred Feathers by Maril Crabtree ~
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